It doesn’t matter whether it’s 21+3 Blackjack, Buster Blackjack or Double Exposure Gold – there are countless different card counting strategies for each game variant. In practice, however, the simplest systems have held their own. Too complicated arithmetic usually delays the course of the game, is immediately noticeable and is thus directly identified by the dealer. He can then immediately take countermeasures, for example by excluding you from the next round or simply reshuffling all the cards. And what else should you know about counting cards in blackjack? Do you know the counting technique “Wonging” or do you already know how card counting works in poker? No? Then you should read on carefully. Below is everything you need to know about card counting. We also shed light on another topic: card counting in a team. This strategy can be observed at some blackjack tables and is particularly effective in the media.

The counting technique “Wonging”

The counting technique "Wonging"

A famous and particularly simple card counting technique is the Wonging method. You are named after the pen name Stanford Wong, which author John Ferguson used to write his blackjack books. In this technique, you count the cards just like in the high-lo strategy, but you only intervene if the value of a count gives you an advantage. So you don’t play every hand. Instead, you only bet when the chances of winning speak for you as a player. But be careful: the system is not allowed at all blackjack tables. In many game variants, bets on a deck that has already been played are no longer possible and you are therefore forced to get in from the first round.

Card counting in other games

In poker, too, it is worth keeping a close eye on the number of cards played. The concept itself is identical. The played cards are counted to get an overview of the remaining cards in the deck. However, unlike blackjack, the method cannot be used in isolation from a game strategy. In poker, you need to know exactly what cards you need to win. Then you count purposefully with a focus on these cards. In the best case, you will recognize when your chances of winning are best, so that you can risk a higher stake. But here, too, the following applies: Practice card counting diligently in advance so that it is easier to handle in the game and does not delay the course of the game.

Learning to count cards in a team?

The film shows how it is done: A team of students who are enthusiastic about mathematics go to a casino without attracting attention as a group. You are seated at a blackjack table and subsequently one of them wins a large amount of money. Everyone is amazed. Nobody noticed that a team of professional card counters was at work here. And in real life? Card counting in a team is reported again and again on the Internet. But a reputable online casino has long been secured. When you play blackjack online for real money, you’re on your own anyway. In land-based casinos, the tables are monitored by cameras so that card counting teams can at least be identified retrospectively. Also, many casinos use shuffling machines that re-add all the cards played each round. Thus, card counting is already obsolete and playing in a team is in vain.

Bottom Line: You don’t need to be a Rain Man

Bottom Line

Counting cards in blackjack can give you a real advantage. If the conditions in an online casino are right, the strategy is one of the best casino tips. At most you will experience challenging entertainment. In our casino recommendations you can play blackjack on different tables. It gets particularly exciting in the live casino. There you sit at the table with a real live dealer and can chat with your fellow players during the game – real casino atmosphere guaranteed. The best thing about it: Our recommendations offer this as a German casino online, where you can play Live Blackjack online and often receive an attractive bonus for your registration without any online casino bonus code.

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