If you always bet on the absolute favourites, the relationship between risk and betting odds is not good. Play favorites only occasionally, and then only for small amounts. This is the best and most important tip when it comes to sports betting, because this rule does not only exist in the Bundesliga, but in all sports and all leagues. If it absolutely has to be a favourite, then you might want to incorporate an accumulator bet into your strategy.

If you feel like you’ve just discovered a series, it’s guaranteed to come to an end. We don’t want to discourage you or upset your spirits. But often people bet on winning streaks when they see the statistics analysis. That does not make sense. Because experience has shown that every series comes to an end at some point, and the longer it lasts, the more likely it is that it will end quickly. This is also the case with favorites. Incidentally, the contra tip is usually rewarded with fantastic betting odds.

Just switch to the lower leagues today

leagues today

Why does it always have to be the 1st Bundesliga? Just bet in the lower leagues. Every bet in Bundesliga 1 is a little war between the bookmaker and you. The betting provider sets the odds and thus sets the direction, you can actually only react to it. But you should aim to beat the vendor with your knowledge. The probability you predict should always be higher than the bookmaker’s predicted probability of an outcome. Because then you will find a real value bet. This is what a valuable betting odds is called. You will find good betting odds in the Bundesliga bets, but they are always provided with a clear probability calculation of the results. Value bets are almost never found in the 1st Bundesliga, and they are extremely rare in the top leagues anyway. As a professional for a specific youth squadron from an Eastern European country or as an expert for a league from Asia, you have the best chance of landing a winning bet. Even today, without lengthy analyzes and lots of trial and error.

Don’t limit yourself by only making apparently safe bets for the Bundesliga or just betting on your favorite club. The latter in particular harbors risks: a certain type of person only bets on their own club when it comes to sports betting. He considers himself a pro for this club. That may be true, but betting has little to do with local patriotism and club loyalty. In football, you overestimate your own team far too quickly. An objective evaluation of all information and bets in the lower leagues are a better thing. Think about it: do you really (possibly) want to see your club lose and lose your bet at the same time? Surely it’s unpleasant, a double defeat like that.

Live betting better only defensively

Live betting better only defensively

Real-time tips come with an extremely high risk. If you play live betting, you should rather play with small stakes. Because here the tingling and uncertainty is what makes the bet interesting. In this case, you are probably not looking for successful bets with an extremely high profit, but are looking for a kick in the uncertainty. That’s okay, you’re in luck. With small stakes, this is a relatively entertaining pastime. Please never take live betting seriously, because then you start to lose badly.

Speaking of live, don’t follow the games you’ve bet on. We’re not saying that because we don’t want you to have fun. Our point is that you should avoid the safe heart flutter. When you watch live the games you have wagered on, you may end up making angry bets or get extremely nervous when the game takes an unexpected turn. That’s difficult at first. Just make sure that you are distracted during the live broadcast and, above all, that you do not have access to the betting portal. There are more important things in life than football and football betting.

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